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"Nachelle is caring and compassionate and I highly recommend her! She has helped with my anxiety and other challenges exponentially. Thank you!              - A.J.M.

“Nachelle’s innate healing abilities are apparent the moment she walks into the treatment room. She is a polished professional whose kindness is expressed through the most caring hands. I’ve suffered from insomnia on-and-off most of my adult life, but it became constant after a traumatic event last summer. Being a grad student, it was nearly impossible to get through the week without adequate sleep and I struggled to study. I tried prescription medications but they were dangerously habit-forming so I didn’t want to continue them. However, under Nachelle’s guidance through acupuncture and herbal medicine, I’ve made progress I could literally, only dream of! I slept for eight uninterrupted hours just last night as I write this. The rest and restoration I’ve regained as a result of Nachelle’s care is priceless. I give her the highest recommendation to anyone trying acupuncture for the first time and to anyone who simply seeks the care of a true healer.”
-  K.M.

"Constant nasal congestion and snoring have been an issue for me for 20 years. I have asked doctors over the years about this and each one of them offered to give me a prescription for allergy medication. As I am not a fan of taking medication on a regular basis and don’t even have allergies, I never took them up on it. One day a friend suggested I try acupuncture. I had no idea acupuncture could treat something like snoring! Nachelle was the best. Just a few treatments and my snoring was gone!  I now just go for an occasional acupuncture tune up every few months to keep me snore-free. My wife and I owe Nachelle a great deal of thanks!"
- L.M.B.

"I have suffered from depression and anxiety since my mid-twenties. Medication helped, but the side-effects were less than desirable. I decided to try acupuncture, and let me tell you, I wish I had done this years ago! Not only did Nachelle help relieve the side-effects of my medication at first, I am now medication-free! I can't begin to describe how much better off I am, thanks to Nachelle. She is truly the warmest and most understanding healthcare provider I have ever met."
- T.D.

"Nachelle is a amazing person and an incredible healer. I have had four treatments with her and have already seen many health benefits. In fact, I noticed improvement after my first treatment! The best part is I feel so relaxed and stress free.

Nachelle even worked with our son this past week when he had a nasty cold and really high temperature. After working with Nachelle, my son's high fever returned to normal quickly without the use of a fever reducer. I am truly amazed by how acupuncture has helped our family! I look forward to our continued work with Nachelle."
- J.E.G.

"I had my very first acupuncture treatment 2 days ago. I was a little nervous before I went in, and Nachelle made feel completely at ease. She described everything that was going on. She also asked me regularly if I was ok with what she was doing. My fears were almost instantly allayed as I relaxed and let her go to work. Nachelle has a perfect balance of professionalism coupled with genuine care for her patients. I'm excited to work with her in the future."
- A.L.

"I can't express enough how much seeing Nachelle has helped my allergies. She and acupuncture are a wonder. Highly recommend this modality of care for anything that ails you. Thank you Nachelle!"
- L.B.

"The healing work that I am experiencing with acupuncture with Nachelle is remarkable on all levels meaning, body, mind and spirit. I am benefiting greatly! I find Nachelle to be not only expert in her healing modality but also deeply intuitive and sensitive. Other members of my family have witnessed these positive changes and are now seeking her out for their own healing!"
- S.M.

"I originally brought my teenage daughter to Nachelle with issues around anxiety. She found in Nachelle a listening ear and compassion which far surpassed any therapist that she went to and the treatments relaxed her and put her to sleep almost immediately. We call them "needle naps". Because she was so helped by Nachelle, I started seeing her myself. I've been to several acupuncturists in the past and just found treatments to be too painful. Nachelle is extremely gentle, but effective, very intuitive, and I cannot use the word compassionate too frequently to describe her."
- I.P.

"Today was treatment #45 with Nachelle. Every one has been better than the last."
- P.B.

"Nachelle is a wonderful and caring person. She does wonders with my arthritic knees and well being. Always look forward to my appointments."
- K.J.

"Nachelle is an amazing person. She is changing my whole outlook on life and helping me with things I've been scared to deal with. She listens to your needs and you can tell she is sincere about everything she does to help u through whatever u want to do to help ur body heal in the ways it needs naturally. I don't think I could meet a nicer more smiley person in my life time. But I shouldn't be telling u all this because I want to be selfish and take up all her appointments cause she is that awesome and I've only seen her for 5 sessions so far. Thank u for what u do Nachelle we need more people like u in this world!"
- A.D.

"I had no idea how much Acupuncture would change my life for the better!!! Thank you, Nachelle, for showing me the way!!!"
- L.W.

"I have been seeing Nachelle for acupuncture for several months for just basic overall health maintenance. Recently I pulled a muscle in my shoulder/neck, she was able to alleviate the pain and swelling in 2 visits and get me back ready for golf season. Thank you Nachelle- you are a lifesaver!"
- S.M.

"I recently went to Inner Rivers Family Acupuncture and had a fantastic session with Nechelle. I had nerve damage in my left leg/foot as a result of a severely herniated disk in my low back, for which I had surgery 3 years ago. My doctor had informed me that this numbness/tingling would be a residual effect that might not go away. After 1 acupuncture session, the numbness and tingling in my left leg and left foot has subsided by 90%. Thank you, Nachelle!"
- K.M.

"Thank you, for ALL you do to keep me healthy. The benefits I receive from Nachelle at Inner Rivers are to numerous to list... Needless to say, I am a patient for the long term! Thank you, Nachelle!!"
- L.D.

"Nachelle is an amazing healer. Her acupuncture treatments have been an important part of my self-care regimen. I always leave her office feeling like a new woman; my stress melts away and my physical ailments improve significantly. I feel so lucky to know her!"
- L.R.

"Nachelle is amazing! She has kept me off of antibiotics with her treatments several times in the last year and she routinely helps my mother with side effects of chemotherapy treatments . we recommend her to everyone! Whatever your issue it's worth a call to Nachelle before going to the dr."
- L.H.

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