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Clinic Policies

Thank you in advance for your willingness to comply with the clinic policies. Clinic policies are in place out of consideration for all patients and the practitioner. If you have any questions about the policies outlined below, feel free to contact Nachelle.


Full payment is due at the time of service. Inner Rivers Family Acupuncture does not send invoices; please remember to bring payment with you to each treatment. If you are concerned about affording treatment due financial harship, please contact Nachelle directly to evaluate other options.

Acceptable forms of payment include cash, check, and credit/debit cards.


Please be respectful of our 24-hour cancellation policy. Email or call Nachelle at
(207) 841-7802 to cancel or reschedule appointments. Missed appointments without advanced notice will be charged the full amount. In the event of a personal emergency or inclement weather, exceptions can be accomodated.


Due to the allergic sensitivities of many patients, Inner Rivers Family Acupuncture tries to maintain a fragrance-free environment. Please refrain from applying excessive amounts of perfume, cologne, or other fragrances prior to your treatment.


Please arrive early or on time to your appointment. Enjoy a book or savor a cup of tea in our welcoming reception area. Nachelle values your time and is dedicated to keeping her schedule on time to ensure patients get the most out of their treatments.

Cell Phone

The time you spend at your acupuncture appointment is all yours. After all, you deserve a break from the ever-busy world, constantly demanding your attention. Please turn off or silence your cell phone during treatment so you may rest quietly, eliminate distractions, and avoid disrupting the treatment process.

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