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About Inner Rivers Family Acupuncture

Inner Rivers Family Acupuncture, Topsham, Maine

The body's vital energy, or qi (pronounced chee), flows along channels that are like rivers. For us to be healthy, those rivers need to flow in balance. In fact, rivers are an ancient metaphor for the many acupuncture channels, called meridians, circulating in our bodies. Inner Rivers Family Acupuncture is named for these rivers that flow in each one of us, nourishing the areas that need it most, so we may experience greater health and vitality.

"Between the banks of pleasure and pain

flows the river of life.
If you spend much time on either bank
you will miss out on life."
~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

Inner Rivers Family Acupuncture

103 Harpswell Road (Rt. 123)
Brunswick, ME
(207) 841-7802
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